Choosing The Best LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas lights are perfect choice for decorating outdoor and indoor spaces to celebrate this Christmas. Your house will look so beautiful with that light. Multi-colored lights are also available if you can’t decide which color you’d prefer.

This LED lights contains a combination of colors ranging from white, green, red, yellow and much more. Most string lights are available in three different wire colors: white, green, and brown.

With variation of colors, you can choose string lights in your favorite color. If turned on, the lights will shine together to create a beautiful sight. Not only this is the cheap way of decorating your house, the most important things is this light are very easy to set-up.

The next choice you’ll need to make the brightness of the lights. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the larger one will be brighter than the small one. When you are selecting your Christmas lights, please to pay attention to wattage. This will help to determine how bright and the lighting are. You can even have a timer or multi function light programmer that will create a desired effect.

If compare with traditional stringers, LEDs will shine brighter. Beside available in many colors, LEDs also come in several shapes to match your holiday theme or replicate tradition stringers. And bellow are the kind of LEDs shape;

  • Wide Angle – These lights often called “wide angle” mini lights. It’s are 5 millimeters wide. The normal curved hint has been drilled to produce a concave shape that allows the light to be dispersed in a 180-degree beam angle.
  • Shimmering Spot – Such as the original LED mini light shape, this design focuses the light straight out of the rounded tip while also releasing some light in a 180-degree angle. The combination of the light will create a unique “twinkling” effect when the lights sway gently and are viewed from far away. The effect is compared to dozens of tiny flashlights, blinking on and off.
  • Traditional Shape – Traditional shaped LEDs maintain the original and classic look of mini light. But the are benefit that you will get, it’s bring you the energy savings of LED.
  • Faceted Traditional – Faceted means the colored cap is cut in a prismatic or like crystal pattern. With the faceted cap, the light will bright with softly. You will get less sharpness but maintain the rich color which LEDs provide.

These LED Christmas lights have either 50 or 70 bulbs per string. Using 3.5 to 4.8 watts, Christmas string lights are an easy way to add color and shine to the interior or exterior of your residential or commercial space. Decorate your tree with LED Christmas light to make your holiday season sparkle.

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