Most Common Mental Disorders In Children

What are the most common mental disorders in children? Mental disorder does not only occur in adults, but children can also experience in it. Parents are should always to be aware and constantly monitor the development of their child’s by physical or mental state.

Unlike physical health, disorders that could be directly detected so the responses can be more faster to do. At first, mental disorder that usually occurs in children is difficult to detect. So if a mental disorder is left alone without any further handling, later the children will experience it until they grow up.

So this doesn’t already happen to your child, you should begin to detect his mental disorders which might just happen to him. The following described the types of mental disorders that often happens in children:

1. Anxiety
This is most commonly mental disorder problem that are usually experienced by 13 per cent of children in 9 to 17 years old. All children experience a little anxiety but extrem anxiety such as fear of excessive social rules, schools, or parting with parents-need medical handling.

Children with this disorder will have fear to live in a social life, always felt anxious, experiencing obsessive compulsive disorder and trauma. Of course this will be very disruptive in their activities that must be suffered on a daily basis.

2. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD
Children who experiencing this disorder usually undergo developmental in motoric disorders so their activities are likely to be excessive. Children who experience this disorder usually feel restless. Beside that, Children who is experiencing this disorder would like to make a fuss and over acting. Some this symptoms disorder are impulsive behavior, hard to focus and hyperactive.

3. Autism
Basically these disorders result children become too busy with his own world, so they are not able to perform interaction and communication with their social environment. Normally this disorder can already seen before 3 years old.

4. Change Of Mood Disorders
You probably know that woman when they will get menstruation will experience extreme mood swings. But you don’t know that this could happen to your children and usually this could be a mental disorder.
The symptoms of change of mood disorder will usually occur in a child who experiencing in bipolar disorder and depression. Beside experience an extreme of mood swings, usually they will also experience feel extreme sadness continuously.

5. Impaired concentration and Hyperactivity or ADHD
Have you ever found a children who’s too hyperactive and very difficult to focus on a command? It could be that the children has this disorder. 5 to 10 percent of children have these types of disorders that are characterized by the difficulties in focusing attention and concentration.

6. Depression
One of 33 children can experience depression clinically, while one of 8 adults experiencing depression. Children who are depressed feel helpless and like have no hope but they are also easily to angry, offended, lethargic, depressed and even often alienate themselves from social environment.

7. Difficulties in learning
About 20 percent of all children in the world have difficulties in learning or called learning disorders. This difficulty occurs when the nervous system is unable to receive, process, or communicates information properly.

8. Disruptive Disorders
Children with this disorder have difficulties to comply with the rules and behave improperly in public. They look that he don’t care on something that ordered to them or doing whatever they want. From the research, children with this disorders suffered by about 10 per cent of children around the world.

At the end, every parents should always be aware about their children’s mental development.

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